Ancient tribes believed stars were the souls of their ancestors, watching over them. For others, stars were powerful mythical creatures, forming constellations across the sky. And some believed they were gods, crossing the heavens on fiery chariots. But those who knew stars best were the people of the desert. Stars had been their guides for thousands of years, on their journeys across endless expanses of … Continue reading Hannah

The Mushroom That Wouldn’t Dance

It’s a little known fact that creatures living in the Black Forest gather to dance. Everyone comes along – bouncing rabbits, shy foxes, majestic eagles, century-old oak trees, colorful caterpillars and more. The dance takes place deep in the night, only when stars are hovering above the chilly autumn sky. Maybe it’s a way to shake off the stresses of forest life.  Maybe it’s to … Continue reading The Mushroom That Wouldn’t Dance